A Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice is at one of 5 levels

Level 1

Proficiency in the GP Software System
This is a Pharmacist who can use the GP system efficiently and support the the practice team with the day to day running of the GP surgery, usually dealing with patients as part of the front-line team. Pharmacy students and pre-reg pharmacists normally start here.  Running medication audits GP software is another skill that is required for Pharmacists in General Practice and Pharmacists at this level may also be able to complete medication audits as per the needs of the practice.

Level 2

Monitoring Medication & Conditions- Clinical Decision Making
At this level the Pharmacist is expected to process prescription tasks by going through a clinical decision making process which involves the monitoring requirements of the medication & the condition being treated. You will be expected review the patient's medical notes, prescription request history, drug interactions. This Pharmacist will also be able to process & file letters received from secondary care which involves medication changes and new diagnoses. 

Level 3

Chronic Disease Management - Asthma, COPD, Diabetes & Hypertension
In addition to all the responsibilities of a Level-2 Clinical Pharmacist, at Level- 3 the Pharmacist would run clinics in chronic disease management such as Asthma, COPD, Diabetes & Hypertension. This role requires in depth knowledge of the disease progression, assessment and its management. Pharmacists normally spend around a year at this level. The Independent Prescribing qualification is normally completed during this period, if not done so already.

Level 4

Minor Illness Management
At this level the Clinical Pharmacist will experience the most growth and becomes a Pharmacist who can safely run Minor Illness clinics as well as all the Level-2 and 3 responsibilities. This is an experienced and well-rounded Independent Prescriber that has undertaken Physical Assessment training, as well as Minor Illnesses training and gained experience under the supervision of a GP. The Pharmacist would be able to treat acute conditions and be able to identify red flags to differentiate from more serious conditions.

Level 5

Lead Primary Care Pharmacist

This Pharmacist possesses all the skills and knowledge of a Level 4 Pharmacist and has at least 1 year's experience in Primary Care, as well as other additional skills. These skills include but are not limited to- leading and managing a team, training & supervising other Pharmacists. This pharmacist would also be involved in the development of policies, SOPs and training material to support the safe and efficient running of the organisation. A Level 5 Pharmacist would have also completed or in the process of completing the CPPE pathway or Clinical Diploma. Lastly, a lead pharmacist has a good understanding of local/national incentive schemes and is able to lead and implement projects that maximise financial return for the organisation. 

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